Importance of Designing a Website with Simplicity

When you are designing a website, designing is the most crucial phase and if you don’t consider how your users will be using it you are missing out on a lot of important stuff. This can make your website less interactive. As the online industry is growing, new and new designing trends are being introduced.

From Cartoonish to Illustrations, Professional to Minimal all of these are a part of this new trend. Some business tries to make their website techier and techier while other just want it minimal and simple to understand.

User Feedback

Speaking of users, feedback is the most important thing in designing. Famous brands usually roll out a beta version of their new upcoming design and collect user feedback and if they recommend any changes that may help them gain more users, they do so and after that, they implement that on their website.

Understanding what the user wants is the most important thing. The best way to do that is by setting yourself in the place of a new user and thinking about what you want and what he might need upfront. This will help your business grow more and catch more users.

Minimality (Minimal Design)

Most people think they can just make a tech-savvy website as they like and users will adopt that and start using it without any issues, Bummer! but you are absolutely wrong. If we speak of the 80 percent of the internet users, they are laymen. They don’t even know some basic features that you might implement and might be beneficial.

That’s why while you are designing any sort of website or even any application, consider your user’s mind first. Consider how he’ll use it and how you can make it more and more simple for them.

This will help you grab more and more users. Just for some information, many eCommerce websites lose buyers because of their first impression. The crappy design will make them lose interest even if your Purchase System is Solid.

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Conclusion is Simple, give priorty to your users mind rather then your ideas.

If you are a website developer, make sure to keep Minimal design, or even if it’s a bit techy no worries. Just make sure that it’s easy to navigate. If you are a business owner, you can either develop a website yourself or hire companies like eTarbiyat to design a fantastic website for you.

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