Quick Tips to Get huge boost in traffic.

Getting Traffic for any Blog is the most difficult thing. Most people leave this blogging field because their new blog is not getting enough traffic. There is a chance you might get huge traffic from start or just get nothing. It purely depends upon your content and effort.

This site is an example how you can get huge traffic boost quickly. Here is a graph showing how we Crossed Over 500 Users in like 3 Days.

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In this you can see we start from 6 Users on 16th Oct and reached 400 Total Users by the end of 20th Oct. During this time our main Article was ‘How to Start a Blog.

Setting some things up.

First we need to set some stuff up. In order to get Improvement in you traffic, you need to have a high potential Article. With out having any good and well written article, it’s impossible to get traffic. Once you have a good Article with over 500 Words you are good to go.

Step 1 – Keyword Research

The first step is to do some keywords research. You can use Ahrefs Keywords Explorer as you main keywords researcher tool. Its a paid tool you need to buy it before using. Some free tools that you can use for keywords research is Ubersuggests by Neil Patel. It is one of the best free tool out there in the market. Now form any of these tools choose your keywords.

Step 2 – Optimizing Your Article.

After choosing your keywords, you need to start working on your Article. You need to Optimize your Post properly and Do some Onpage SEO Stuff. Some Onpage Optimization includes.

  • URL should be readable and catchy.
  • SEO Title should consist of keyword proper attractive info.
  • Avoiding Keyword stuffing.
  • Focus on Long-tail keywords.
  • Content length (at least 1500 words).
  • Only one h1 tag and should consist of your keyword.
  • Images at least 2 or 3 per page, uploaded file name should be your keyword, Alt tag, optimized images.
  • Increasing page speed. (Developer side)

Most of this Stuff could be done by using Many WordPress Plugins. Here is a List of 3 SEO plugins for WordPress.

Step 3 – Wait Game

Now the last step is to keep waiting till you see any response. Meanwhile you can write other normal length articles. This will also help you get good impression.

Here is a Screen Shot of our User in 3 Days.

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Hope this Article was Helpful. See you Around. Make sure to Leave your comment down below.

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