How eTarbiyat Works

Step 1 - Collect Data

The First thing while doing a project is collect as much of the information as we can to get started. This helps us later in many ways. Some times we don't have some information, this can result in delay of the delivery date.

Step 2 - Make Work Plan

After collecting the information provided by you, we move on to make a list of work we need to do. This helps us arrange and manage your data and work quickly.

Step 3 - Start Coding

After making a list of our work, we move on to start coding and making a framework on which we can work. Some sites require more coding than usual. In case of WordPress less coding is needed.

Step 4 - Deliver + Make Changes

Once the coding is done and site is live we can deliver the final product. After delivery you have 1 month to make any free changes you want in site. After that free time you have to pay to make any changes.

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