How to Start a Blog

The most common question is How to Start a Blog. You can easily start a blog today. This guide will get you through how to Buy essentials and how to get started.

1- Essentials

In order to start your first blog, you need to prepare some stuff. Because before starting anything we have to prepare. Let us start with the essentials.

In order to start a blog, you need to have some basic stuff. If you don’t have these things you have to get them and you will find further details about them onwards. Here is a list of all the essentials you need to start a blog.

  • Obviously Computer
  • Active Domain and Hosting
  • A bit of knowledge about how to use WordPress.

That’s All you need. Now let’s start explaining how can you get Domain and Hosting.

– How to Get Hosting and Domain

Getting yourself a domain and hosting is very simple. First Visit any famous Domain selling website Namecheap is the recommended one. They always have the best and cheapest option for you to buy. Simply visit, and you will see this kind of screen.

Search for a domain make sure it’s Unique and Attractive. This will help your users to search easily. After Selecting your domain you can move on to Purchasing it. Simply add it to the cart.

After adding it to your cart you can Select the Hosting plan and Also SSL Certificate. You can learn more about SSL Certificate here.

After Adding Everything in your cart you can go on and purchase this stuff. After Purchasing Everything you can go back to your Name Cheap Dashboard and then go to Cpanel and there you can Install WordPress.

Now everything in Essentials is Done. Let’s Moveon to how to setup Basic WordPress Settings.

2- Basic WordPress Settings

Let’s Start with Setting up Some Basic WordPress settings. In every WordPress website, you need to have some Plugins. Here is a Small List of all Essential Plugins for WordPress.

You Download and Install all of these Plugins from the Plugin Section on the WordPress Dashboard.

Now let’s Talk about some other Stuff like setting up Theme.

Choosing a WordPress Theme

It’s easy to get lost at this step. Having a Simple theme is the most important thing in setting up a blog. When you have a Nice and Simple Theme it will Increase your Website Loading time and your Visitor will enjoy his Stay on your Website. Most Recommended Theme is Astra Theme for WordPress. You can download it by Searching it in the Theme Section of WordPress.

Now After setting up Your Theme let’s Talk About how to make Post in WordPress.

Adding Post in WordPress

You can easily add a new Post by visiting your Dashboard and hovering over posts section and choosing ‘Add New‘.

Now You will See a New Page with a Different Layout. Here you can add a new Post. It’s Really Simple.

After Setting your Post up you can Publish it through clicking the Blue Publish Button at the Top right Corner. Now You can Check it By Click the View Post Icon.


At the End Making a Blog is Just as simple as Buying Households from a grocery store but here you have to do it on your own. You can follow this Guide to Get your first Blog Post Live. You can Check Out our other Guides too.

Make sure to share Your Experiences with us in the Comment Section.

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