Cheapest Cell Phone on Aliexpress for Just 50$

Aliexpress is famous for many different reasons one of them is Cheap Products. On Aliexpress you can find thousands of cheapest Stuff from all around the world. Aliexpress has one of the biggest cellphone market and at Aliexpress you can find many Different kind of Cellphones from Cheapest to Expensive ones.

Here I have made a list of Top 3 Cheapest cellphone you could find on Aliexpress. Let’s find out if they are worth it or not.

Starting with the Cheapest one that is.

XGODY P30 : The new Cheapest Cellphone.

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This Normal looking cellphone has 2GB of RAM with 16GB ROM (other Memory options are also available like 32 GB). This Rocks a Full 6 inches Display with 960×480 Resolution Max with is enough for some users. It has got a Front 5MP Camera with 2 Rear Cameras (MP not Identified). This Comes with a Simple Quad Core Processor.It has Dual Sim Support as Well as 2800mAh Battery. At Aliexpress you can get this for Around $46.96 with Shipping to Pakistan (Price May Change in Future.)

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