Reasons Why Your blog is Stuck with 5-10 visitors Daily.

The most common question among all newbies is that, Why their blog is only getting 5-10 visitors daily? The straight answer to this is that your blog is not Good enough to have more the 10 Visitors a day.

Let’s walk through the things that’ll make your blog attract huge amount of traffic.

Choosing the Proper Niche

First begin with the most common problem. Many people don’t Understand how to choose a proper niche. Best way to choose a niche is by looking in to yourself study what you like the most and what you can give to your visitors.

One of your good mentor Hisham Sarwar at Being Guru explained why people complain about choose a proper niche is that people don’t know that in which field they are good. That makes difficult for them to choose niche.

Here is a Guide Explaining How to choose best Niche for your website?

Once you have choose your perfect niche you can forward to your next problem.

Bad Design / Theme

The second biggest flaw in the low traffic is your website design. Those website who have too much Ads and unfriendly layout, always get low traffic. And Another reason is your Website Speed. Visitors doesn’t like vising a slow website. In some cases they might like in the case of LMS websites.

So Begin by choosing the most simple and attractive theme for your website. Design it properly. You can also hire our development team @, they will help you make your blog or business website look good.

No SEO (Onpage/Off page)

After Bad design what is the most important is SEO. If you are not doing proper SEO on your website and expecting to get huge traffic you can’t get that. First Learn some basics of SEO or you can join many courses on Udemy and get started with SEO. because without SEO your website will remain just a needle in the grass.

Spending no Time

If you have solved all of the above issue and stiff your blog is not getting enough traffic. Now it’s all because of you. Most Blog fails because their owner thinks they can run a blog without making post and managing it then you are wrong. Just remember most Famous blog write articles and manage their stuff daily when they get start. Once you start getting Returning visitors you can decrease your pace of posting stuff. Before that you need to work daily to get results.

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