Let's talk about eTarbiyat, Originally founded in the mid of 2016 (an era where chai-wala was born 😂). It was first known as Ahmed Media Group and under this Name, more than 30 projects were done. In the Late 2019's it was changed to eTarbiyat. Well truly speaking, eTarbiyat was founded with the aim of starting an eLearning platform for Pakistani Freelancers, We did do that but late on we moved back to our main services and we still are planning on Starting that eLearning again (Allah Kra 🤭). 

In 2016 there was a huge trend of website development, especially in Pakistan. following that trend, this small company was founded with the aim of targeting locals. Started as a small Startup, but in the first week got the biggest project of a Pakistani Singer aka Sahir Ali Bagga. This was the start of the growth of this small business. 

At first, this company's main goal was to provide affordable website development services without compromising on quality. Right after the start, the biggest issue faced by this company was the market. Still facing that, here we are with over 130 Projects Done as of 2021.

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