History of eTarbiyat

eTarbiyat was Founded by Muhammad Ahmed. This company was first made in 2016, with the name of Ahmed Media Group and later on in 2019 it was changed to eTarbiyat. At first this company main goal was to provide cheap website development service without compromising any stuff. Right after the start, the biggest issue faced by this company was market.

In 2016 there was a huge trend of website development especially in Pakistan. following that trend this small company was founded with the aim of targeting locals. The first project of eTarbiyat was of a small local business name ATSS. After that small project they moved on to catch some big companies and celebrities.

The First Big Project of eTarbiyat was of the Pakistani singer Sahir Ali Bagga. This was the start of the growth of this small business.

As of 2021, eTarbiyat has done over 122 Projects all around the world.

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